High power resistive dummy load


From time to time, and especially during development of high current power supplies there arises the need for dummy loads which can consume high power drains without consuming the half of your project budget (except your intention is to design dummy loads and you live up for that). Here is a cheap solution for a not too constant resistancy dummy load: light bulbs. The are available everywhere for a bargain but in fact, they are everything else than constant resistors because the cold filament wire has a very low resistance when switched on but gains in resistance in fractions of a second when the filament reaches its operating temperature of approx. 1000°C. The main advantage is the cheapness, sturdiness and availability of these. The only drawback that requires getting used to is the incredible amount of heat that is produced in that way, so mount them aside from your working area and pay attention to the temperature of the supply cable. Maybe the use of standard ceramic sockets would give the whole thing a bit more of a professional touch.

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