Here will be some information about the software. Development will still be going on and further changes
will happen repeatedly, so only some short status information will be published.

I first had to get into threaded programming, so it took me a while to produce some useful code.
The software now runs multithreaded in a linux environment (SuSE linux) and detects cd-insertion. It then reads
track information from the CD and controls the basic menu structure
Control is by keys at this time.

Conming Next:
Control by mouse

Next PC/hardware tasks:
Installation of a slot-in cd-drive.
Installation of the Keysonic Warp Laser Mouse (3 pads, 1 scrollwheel, 1600dpi, 6700fps, max 0.71m/s).
Getting a cheap MSI Hetis barebone pc.

What will not yet be implemented but maybe useful:
CDDB support.