HTTP://WWW.VINTAGETECHNICS.COM - Numerous technical informations regarding old an new turntables

HTTP://WWW.VINYLENGINE.COM - Technical information, pictures and free operation- and servicemanuals

HTTP://WWW.DECKDOCTOR.COM.AU - Technical information, good source of information for buying used turntables. Still under construction yet

HTTP://WWW.PETERSCHMITZ.COM - Private homepage of Peter Schmitz with some decent close-ups of a nicely preserved SL-Q3

HTTP://WWW.PANASONIC.DE - Home of the Technics SL-1210 turntables and the gorgious pitchable CD-Player SL-DZ1200

terminatorX - Homepage of Alexander Königs nice terminatorX-project

Native Instruments - Final Scratch

Alcatech/A> - DigiScratch

Rane - Scratch live

Cycling 74 - Ms Pinky

PureData - A object oriented, audio and videoprocessing real time programming language like Max/MSP